Blockchain, Travel Tech, AI in Service Industry Summer festival in Tivat Montenegro


 This summer, the picturesque coast of Montenegro is set to transform into a buzzing hub of technological innovation and creativity. From July 4th to 6th, the idyllic city of Tivat will play host to the inaugural Game Changer Summer Tech Festival, a groundbreaking event that promises to redefine the Mediterranean as a hotspot for technological...

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The legend of the Budva ballerina statue


The Ballerina Statue in Budva, Montenegro, is beautifully situated on the rocks along the Adriatic Sea. Specifically, it is located near the Mogren Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Budva. The statue is easily accessible and has become a significant landmark and a popular spot for both tourists and locals. The position of the statue on the ...

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Do not miss the opportunity to visit Biogradska Gora, one of only 5 rainforests in Europe


Europe, unlike other continents such as South America or Asia, has very few areas that can be classified as rainforests. The term "rainforest" typically refers to regions with high annual rainfall and a dense, evergreen forest canopy. In Europe, due to its temperate climate, what we find are mostly temperate rainforests, which are quite rare and si...

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10 reasons why you must explore the north of Montenegro


The north of Montenegro, often overshadowed by the famous Adriatic coast to the south, is a hidden gem that offers a vastly different experience. Here's a broader overview of what makes this region so special: Natural Beauty and DiversityRugged Landscapes: The north is characterized by dramatic mountain ranges, including Durmitor, Bjelasica, and Pr...

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National Geographic Poland: Discover Montenegro, the pearl of the Balkans, with us


The Balkans delight with their diversity. The beauty of this country lies in its sandy beaches, still untrodden mountains, wild parks and medieval cities and towns. Importantly, all these attractions can be seen in one day!They call it "the undiscovered jewel of the Adriatic". Montenegro, a small country in the Balkans, offers much more than beache...

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During the summer, Transavia connects Paris and Montenegrin airports


Transavia, the Dutch low-cost airline, will launch flights between Montenegrin airports and Paris (Orly airport) from the beginning of April.Flights to Podgorica will be operated twice a week from April 6 to October 5, while Tivat will have one more flight per week and flights will be operated from April 7 to October 24. The expected minimum ticket...

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Montenegro featured in the popular Spanish show Planeta Calleja


Our country featured in the popular Spanish show: "Unforgettable Adventure through Montenegro" Montenegro attracted a lot of public attention through the popular Spanish show "Planeta Calleja", which is broadcast on the national television channel Cuatro, which counts around 1.36 million viewers in the evening. The recording of this show was realiz...

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The Travel: Montenegro in 10 Top Destinations For Digital Nomads


Working on the go doesn't need to be so expensive. From Asia to South America, there is an abundance of options for digital nomads on a budget.  Grecia, Costa Rica: Average living cost of $852 per month. Cheaper place to live with breathtaking natural wonders. Digital nomad visa available. Praia, Cape Verde: Average living cost of $797 per mon...

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Where Montenegro is among the most famous destinations for digital nomads


 The rise of digital nomads marks a significant shift in how the concept of work is evolving in our interconnected world. Thanks to technological advancements, more people are embracing remote work to enjoy a location-independent lifestyle. While being a digital nomad comes with benefits such as the flexibility to travel, work at one's own pac...

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Wizz Air restarts Podgorica-Vienna


The Podgorica-Vienna route, which will be operated by the Hungarian airline Wizz Air, will be established again this year from March 31, twice a week - on Thursdays and Sundays.This frequency of flights will be maintained until June 16, after which Wizz will switch to three weekly flights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.That schedule will be in eff...

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Experiences of digital nomad Leonie from Berlin during her stay in Montenegro


Numerous digital nomads come to Montenegro in greater and greater numbers every year. As a result, the establishment of a visa for digital nomads, more and more coworking spaces. In addition, good conditions for work and rest at the same time.Numerous destinations by the sea and lakes as well as national parks attract an increasing number of digita...

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Norvegian and Scandinavian connects Tivat with Helsinki and Stockholm this summer


Norwegian low-cost airline Norwegian, which is also the second largest airline in Scandinavia, plans to launch flights from Helsinki to the Montenegrin airport on the foam of the sea this summer.Until June 1, flights on the Helsinki-Tivat route will be operated every Wednesday, and from June the flight frequency will increase to three flights a wee...

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Your Travel flamingo: Digital nomad Montenegro Experience


One of the many digital nomads who have been coming to our country in recent years is Jacqueline from California. She shared her impressions of her stay in Montenegro on her blog. In addition to expressing her impressions, she also came across a small guide for those who come to Montenegro for the first time. And we are transmitting part of her gui...

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How to register a Company in Montenegro


Forming a company in Montenegro can be an attractive option for various reasons: Strategic Location: Montenegro is strategically located between Eastern and Western Europe, making it an ideal gateway for businesses looking to access both markets. Its proximity to the Adriatic Sea also offers potential for businesses involved in shipping or trade.Gr...

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Temporary residence permit in Montenegro, types and process of obtaining the permit


Montenegro, a hidden gem on the Adriatic coast, offers a stunning blend of natural beauty, historic architecture, and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. Known for its rugged mountains, medieval villages, and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline, Montenegro presents an alluring destination for digital nomads. Living as a Digital ...

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Travel Weekly, Sunday Mirror, Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Daily Star, Montenegro is the perfect destination that offers luxury at affordable prices


Montenegro is portrayed as a perfect holiday destination that offers luxury at affordable prices, through affirmative articles in some of the most popular British media. Thanks to study visits organized by NTOCG for distinguished journalists and travel agents from the United Kingdom, photos and texts about our country adorn the most famous British ...

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Benefits for early purchase of Air Montenegro tickets


In an effort to provide additional benefits and flexibility, Air Montenegro offers passengers more favorable ticket prices for early bookings to popular destinations, for the travel period from April 1 to October 26, 2024. By purchasing tickets from January 9 to February 9, passengers get benefits such as cheaper ticket prices and greater availabil...

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Forbes suggests six undiscovered destinations in Europe that you must visit in 2024, and Kotor is among them


Of course, no one can remain immune to the allure of London, Barcelona or Paris, but if you're looking for less crowded destinations or a new adventure, Forbes brings you six destinations that might just be to your taste. Kotor, Montenegro Photo: Biljana Matijašević  Kotor is one of the most beautiful fortified cities in Montenegro, and Lonely...

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Navigating Montenegro's Tax Haven: A Guide for Foreign Investors


Foreigners, often referred to as expatriates or international investors, can enjoy several benefits when living, working, or starting a business in Montenegro. These benefits include: Some of many tax benefits Foreigners, often referred to as expatriates or international investors, can enjoy several benefits when living, working, or starting a busi...

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Living in Montenegro as a Digital Nomad from 30 to 90 Days Without Visa Hassles


Montenegro, nestled along the Adriatic Sea, is quickly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads. With its relaxed lifestyle, affordable living costs, and stunning natural beauty, it offers a perfect blend of work and leisure. If you're planning to live in Montenegro as a digital nomad for 30 to 90 days without a visa, this guide is for you.  Why ...

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