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 This summer, the picturesque coast of Montenegro is set to transform into a buzzing hub of technological innovation and creativity. From July 4th to 6th, the idyllic city of Tivat will play host to the inaugural Game Changer Summer Tech Festival, a groundbreaking event that promises to redefine the Mediterranean as a hotspot for technological advancements and digital artistry.

A New Era in Montenegro

Montenegro, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is embracing a new identity as a burgeoning technological destination. Following the success of the Game Changer platform in Croatia and Slovenia, Montenegro has been chosen for the next phase of this visionary project. The festival not only marks a significant milestone in Montenegro's tech journey but also positions it as a non-EU destination with a unique maritime charm.

Festival Highlights

Gaming Design & Animation Exhibition (July 5th - 6th) Immerse yourself in an extraordinary exhibition where gaming design meets animation, displayed innovatively with light installations on Tivat's main city promenade, Pine. This exhibition is a tribute to the convergence of technology and art, showcasing works that push the boundaries of digital creativity.

Game Changer Awards Montenegro A celebration of excellence, the Game Changer Awards will recognize the brightest stars in Montenegro's start-up scene and progressive corporate sphere. This event isn't just about accolades; it's a fusion of music, technology, and an inspiring panorama of Tivat's technological landscape.

Game Changer 3 Tech Days Spanning three days, the festival offers a rich educational program comprising panels, Meetups, and Masterclass sessions. Each day is themed to explore critical aspects of technology:

  • Tech Day 1: Blockchain with Confidence (July 4th)
  • Tech Day 2: Travel Tech (July 5th)
  • Tech Day 3: AI in Service Industry (July 6th)

These sessions are designed to provide insights into emerging technologies and their applications in various industries, fostering a community of learning and innovation.

Beyond the Festival

The Game Changer Summer Festival is more than an event; it's a movement. It aims to gather not just Montenegro's tech enthusiasts but also creative minds and industry leaders from the region and the world. This festival is a platform for networking, sharing ideas, and envisioning the future of technology in Montenegro and beyond.

Supported by the Community

The festival is brought to life with the support of the Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Tourism Organization, entities committed to promoting innovation and technological growth in the region.

As we gear up for this exciting event, we invite tech enthusiasts, creative professionals, industry experts, and everyone in between to join us in celebrating this monumental occasion. Be a part of the Game Changer Summer Festival Montenegro 2024 and witness the dawn of a new era in technology and innovation under the Mediterranean sun.

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