The Spanish TVE 2 chose Montenegro for the filming of the show Paths of the World


The National Tourism Organization (NTO) supported the stay of the crew of the Spanish national television TVE 2 in order to record an episode of the show Paths of the World /Senderos del mundo/. Representatives of the TV crew, led by the show's protagonist Juan Frutos, stayed in Montenegro from Friday to Monday and filmed in the area of Kotor, Budv...

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Seven ideas for a perfect autumn day at sea


Those who visit the coast exclusively in summer are missing out on a lot. The true colors of life at sea can only be seen when everything is quiet and back to normal. When the clock ticks slower and there is time for everything. Only then do the locals, streets and squares show their true colors: dreamy and melancholic, but still warm and cordial.I...

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According to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Durmitor is among the 7 most beautiful places for hiking in Europe


The prestigious British travel magazine "Conde Nast Traveller", in its online edition, published a list of the TOP 7 most beautiful places for hiking in Europe, among which is Durmitor National Park.Among the most beautiful places for hiking located in England, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Ireland and Spain, there is Durmitor National Park, which they...

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Schedule of winter flights 2022/23 from Montenegro on direct and connecting flights


According to the current schedule, Montenegrin Airline Airmontengro has announced that this winter it will operate direct flights from Tivat and Podgorica airports to 3 destinations, namely Belgrade, Ljubljana and Istanbul. Other airlines organize their flights from Montenegrin airports according to the winter flight schedule to Vienna, London, Ist...

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The German television "WDR" broadcast a documentary about Montenegro


Montenegro Montenegro was presented to German viewers as an attractive tourist destination through the documentary "Magnificent Vacation between the Adriatic Sea and the Mountains", as part of the popular show "Wunderschön" on the public service "WDR". The documentary is the result of a visit by the "WDR" news team, who stayed in our country during...

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Our Lady and love, faith, hope


As magically beautiful as it is from the outside, the shrine of Our Lady of the Rocks is adorned with a rich history that is best experienced on the island itself. So small and at the same time such a big place. A place where many newlyweds vow eternal love, a place of prayer in difficult times, a place of hope for Boke sailors, a keeper of Boke wo...

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National Geographic magazine photographer: Of all the countries I have visited, Montenegro is one of the most beautiful


I don't even know how many times I have visited your beautiful country, but every time I discover something new, said BanksThe National Tourist Organization of Montenegro is hosting the photographer of one of the most influential British travel magazines, "National Geographic Traveller", Jordan Banks.As announced by the National Tourist Organizatio...

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Adventures with Luda: Montenegro digital nomad experience


About me:  I'm the "Luda" from Adventures with Luda When I was a little kid, I would always get in trouble with my parents. It happened so often that they used the phrase приключения на жопу, which is a nice way of saying "adventures that will kick your butt." Everyone thought I was a little  troublemaker, and this blog came along some 15...

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T.O. Budva presented the walking tour Braici - Praskvica


It takes more than 20,000 steps to cover a distance of almost 16 kilometers on the "Brajići - Ograđenica - Praskvica Monastery" hiking trail, which the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva recently presented to the general public. The road from the highway leads you to the Kosmač fortress, which is located 800 meters above sea level an...

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Lake Zminica - wild nature at your fingertips


A few minutes' drive from Njeguđa, nestled in a bay surrounded by coniferous forests, there is a lake that always smells of autumn - Zminičko. Although it is located on Sinjajevina, it belongs to the Durmitor National Park. It got its name from the place of Zminice in Zabljak, where it is located. It has an altitude of 1285 m. The depths of the lak...

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Visit and Explore the Venice of Montenegro


Only thirty kilometers away from the capital of Montenegro is Lake Skadar, the largest freshwater area in Southeast Europe, the home of a curlew bird that decided to build its nest right there. Lake Skadar is the magical Venice of Montenegro. It is the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. It is located on the very border between Montenegro and A...

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British journalist Marcus Leach visiting Montenegro with his camper


British journalist Marcus Leach and his family are on a study visit to Montenegro during September as part of an adventure camper tour. A stay in the National Parks of Montenegro is part of the visit plan, and his impressions of the natural beauty of Montenegro, which he shared with his followers on social networks Instagram and Twitter, are presen...

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From the Winter flight schedule: Austrian airlines from Podgorica to Vienna, Air Montenegro from Tivat to Belgrade and Istanbul


Austrian Airlines without flights to Tivat during the winter. There are flights to Podgorica four days a week. After October 30, Austrian Airlines will continue with flights on the route Vienna-Podgorica, but in a reduced volume.We will be able to see the planes of this airline at the Podgorica airport twice a day, four days a week (Monday, Wednesd...

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Digital nomad Cameron Impastato impressions of his stay in Montenegro


Cameron Impastato works as an operations consultant and  small businesses with their logistics, customer service, and CRM development. He visits different countries as a digital nomad, and one of his destinations this year was Montenegro. He was in Herceg Novi and share his first impressions for the Montenegro Digital Nomad...

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World famous DJ Fedde le Grand about concerts and impressions from his vacation in Montenegro


The Montenegrin audience is completely special, said Dutch house DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand and stated that, when he performs in Montenegro, he has the feeling that he is performing for family and friends.In Montenegro, as Le Grand said for the MINA agency, there is something that makes him feel like he is at home."People are open, very friendl...

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Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa (Update Feb 2024)


Montenegro - digital nomad opportunities: What are the benefits of working as a digital nomad in Montenegro In recent years, an increasing number of people have turned to digital nomadism as a way of life. Working as a digital nomad allows us to combine work and travel, enriching us with experiences and opening doors to new cultures and perspective...

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Black Sabah Magazine: "Mountains behind, sea underfoot"


"There is a saying I always use about the cities I visit, "If I said that I love every city I visit, I would be doing an injustice to the cities that I really feel at home." Budva is one of these cities. Budva is a small city in Montenegro, a small country influenced by the Venetians and got its name by combining their words – Monte (Mountain) and ...

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Why is September in Tivat so irresistible?


There is no doubt that September is the most beautiful part of summer. Even those who love the peak season, when everything is bustling with life, secretly dream of returning to the sea in September. The last days of summer are made for enjoyment - in every ray of the Sun, conversation and bite. Although the rhythm is lighter, in September we use m...

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Montenegro To Introduce Its Digital Nomad Visa Soon, Announced Jan de Jong


Authorities in Montenegro have stated that the country would soon introduce its Digital Nomad Visa.The president of the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, Jan de Jong, of VisaGuide, has made such an announcement VisaGuide.World reports.The main reason Croatia introduced the Digital Nomad Visa last year was the LinkedIn letter De Jong wrote to Croat...

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The only Montenegrin beach on the Guardian list for 2022 - and one of the most hidden


The Guardian compiled a list of the 40 best beaches for 2022 - one of them is in Montenegro. No, not Sveti Stefan. Montenegro's Budva Riviera is one of the country's biggest honeypots, and it can be hard to escape the crowds. But at Drobni Pijesak, a little further south, there are emerald waters surrounded by forested mountains, sunloungers for hi...

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