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Montenegro airports flight announcements for the summer 2024 season


Montenegro has two of its own international airports – Podgorica in the capital city and Tivat on the coast, in the Boka Bay. And there are several airports in the area from which there are many connections such as Dubrovnik, Tirana, Belgrade ..

Podgorica airport

Podgorica airport sits 11 km south of Podgorica city center and is the main hub for The airport is fairly small, making flying relatively stress-free. Check-in counters open two hours prior to departure and close 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Van and buses operate a shuttle service between the airport and the city centre, but these can be relatively infrequent and do not run at all times of the day. Alternatively, the best option is to take a taxi - these are in surplus in front of the terminal building. Taxis charge a flat rate of € 15, but be sure to confirm this (or negotiate a lower price) with the driver beforehand.

Information: +382 (0)20 444 244

Lost and found:+382 (0)20 444 240


Schedule of seasonal flights


Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport sits 4 km north of Tivat city centre that is vibrant and elegant recently renewed destination with the beautiful marina Porto Montenegro. Tivat Airport is also a short 19 km away from the tourist hotspot of Budva. The airport sits very close to the coastline, providing spectacular views of the Bay of Kotor when taking off and landing. Parking is available in front of the terminal, as well as rent-a-car service for those hiring vehicles.

Information: +382 (0)32 670 930

Lost and found:+382 (0)32 670 913


Schedule of seasonal flights


Announced summer 2024 flights to Tivat

Air Baltic - Riga ( 1 May – 29 Sep )

Air Serbia - Belgrade (daily)

Air Serbia – Kraljevo ( Jun 19 – 13 Sep )

Air Serbia – Niš ( Jun 19 – Sept 14 )

Air Montenegro - Belgrade ( daily )

Air Baltic - Riga (1 May – 29 Sep)

Azerbaijen - Baku (3May)

Air Serbia - Belgrade (daily)

Air Serbia – Kraljevo (Jun 19 – 13 Sep)

Air Serbia – Niš (Jun 19 – Sept 14)

Air Montenegro - Belgrade ( daily )

Air Montenegro - Talin (1May-28Sept)

Air Montenegro - Izmir, Brno, Baku, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Prague, Banja Luka ( 1 Feb – 26 Oct )

Arkia - Tel Aviv (18 Apr – 15 Aug )

El AL – Tel Aviv (4 Apr – 14 Oct)

Austrian – Vienna (3 Apr – 26 Oct)

Easy Jet – Berlin, Bristol, Geneva, London Manchester (31 Mar – 3 Nov)

Jazeera Airways,  Kuwait-Tivat  (Jul -Oct)

Jet2 - Birmingham, London, Machester (1 Apr – 26 Oct)

Edelweiss Air – Zurich (1 Jul – 16 Sept)

Eurowings - Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart (27 Apr – 6 Oct)

Heston Airlines - Talin, Vilnius (13 May)

Lufthansa – Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart (3 Apr - 26 Oct)

Fly Dubai – Dubai (14 Jun- 17 Sept)

Fly One - Yerevan (1Jun)

Luxwing - Bari (13 Jul)

Luxair – Luxemburg (20 Apr- 5 Oct)

Norvegian – Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga (24 - Apr 6 Oct)

SAS - Oslo, Copenhagen, Riga (21 Jun – 24 Aug)

Smartwings - Katowice (from 7 Jun)

Transavia – Paris (7 Apr – 24 Oct )

TuiFly – Bussels (10 May – 25 Sept )

Turkish Airlines – Istanbul ( every day )

Uzbekistan Airlines - Tashkent (8 Jun)

Announced summer 2024 flights to Podgorica

Aegen – Athens (all 2024)

Air Astana -Almaty, Astana (1 Jul)

Alpavia Lumiwings - Lille (8 may)

Air Montenegro - Belgrade (daily)

Air Serbia - Belgrade (daily)

Air Montenegro - Košice (28Jun)

Air Montenegro - Bratislava, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Lyon, Munich, Nantes, Ostrava, Paris, Rome, Zurich (now - to 26 Sept)

Austrian - Vienna (daily)

Enter Air - Katowice (4Apr- 24Oct)

Enter Air – Poznan 4 jun

Lot Airways - Warsaw, Radom (all 2024)

Luxwing - Bari, Naples (13 jul)

Pegasus Airlines - Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul (now - 25 Oct)

Rayanair - Berlin, Brussels, Gdansk, Krakow, London, Manchester, Wroclaw, Zagreb, (now – 26 Oct)

Smartwings - Katowice, Gdansk (from 13 Jul)

FlyNas - Riyadh (11 jun)

FlyOne- Yerevan (1 jun)

Transavia - Paris ( 6Apr – 5 Oct )

Turkish Airlines - Istanbul (daily)

Wizz Air - Vienna, London Gatwick, Warsaw, Katowice, Dortmund, Memminge, Budapest, Milan (31 March - Oct)

Flights from regional airport Dubrovnik

Aegen – Athens

Air Baltic – Riga, Tallin, Vilnius

Air France – Paris

Air Lingus - Dublin

Air Serbian - Belgrade

Austrian – Vienna

British Airways – London

Croatia Airlines – Frankfurt, Munich, Osijek

Prague, Zagreb, Zurich

Easy Jet – Amsterdam, Bath, Basel, Berlin

Bristol, Edinburg, Geneva, London, Lyon, Manchester

Nantes, Naples, Paris, Lyon

Edelwess air – Zurich

Eurowings – Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart

FinnAir – Helsinki

FlyDubai – Dubai

Jet2 – Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburg, Leeds Bratford

London, Manchester, Newscasle

Iberia – Madrid

KLM – Amsterdam

LOT Airlines – Warszawa

Lufthansa – Munich

Luxair – Luxemburg

Norwegian – Bergen, Copenhagen, Gothenburg,

Helsinki, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm

RyanAir – Bari, Berlin, Dublin, Helsinki, Karlsruhe,

Poznan, Rome, Wroclaw

SAS – Copenhagen

Transavia – Paris, Nantes, Rotterdam

Turkish Airlines – Istanbul

Volotea – Athens, Bari, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille

Vueling – Barcelona, Rome

United – New York

Wizz Air - Warsaw 


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