Experience spring in the National Parks of Montenegro


With the first days of spring, the National Parks of Montenegro are open to visitors and nature lovers, recreationists, athletes, and tourists looking for green oases, colorful landscapes and enjoying walking and staying in a healthy environment.

National Park Durmitor on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage, National Park Biogradska Gora, one of the last remaining rainforests in Europe, National Park Lovćen - the Montenegrin Olympus and a symbol of Montenegrin identity, National Park Skadar Lake, the largest freshwater body of water in the Balkans, National Park Prokletije recognized as the "Alps in the South of Europe" ", represent the green oases of Montenegro, areas of wilderness and untouched nature, and at the same time a favorite tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.

Take a walk along the educational, hiking and walking trails, get to know the unique world of original beauty, rich cultural heritage and attractive tourist offers.

Let your encounter with unspoiled, awakening nature be carefully planned. The National Parks of Montenegro wish you a warm spring welcome!

Visit NP Durmitor - World Natural Heritage

Experience the beauty of the world's natural heritage, right where everything is teeming with life as you walk, hike or ride a bike next to mountain lakes and rivers, through dense forests and endless green areas.
We recommend a hike to the mountain lakes, a visit to the Štuoc and Ćurevac viewpoints, a hike along the educational trail around the Black Lake and a tour of the Great Bridge on the Tara River.

For all adrenaline seekers, river rafting through the deepest canyon in Europe is a real challenge! Experience a wonderful adventure descending down the beech trees of Tara, through the untouched nature of the swift and timid mountain river.
In the Administration Building of the Park, visit the natural history collection with exhibits of plant and animal life and the souvenir shop richly equipped with handicrafts and decorative objects made of natural materials made by the local population.

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Get to know the European rainforest

In one of the last rainforests in Europe, Biogradska gora National Park, you will enjoy a leisurely walk along the educational path around Lake Biograd. It is a real experience to pass through diverse regions and experience the beauty of untouched nature. In the fresh air, surrounded by centuries-old trees, you will forget about your daily duties.

Enjoy the colors of the hydrographic pearls and the green landscapes of the rainforest reserve whose trees are over 400 years old and over 50 meters high. With the first days of summer, katuns will come to life. Then you must meet their hosts and try homemade cheese and cream, honey or wild strawberry and blueberry juices.

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Visiting NP Lovćen

Lovćen is located on the border of two completely different natural entities, the sea and the continent, where the influences of the coastal, mountainous and moderately continental climate are felt. This is why this National Park represents a real air spa suitable for active rest and recreation.

Before you decide to visit the national parks, be well informed about the weather conditions. Keep in mind the possible sudden temperature changes in nature, and most importantly, adhere to movement only on marked paths.

For walking, we recommend numerous marked paths that lead through beech forests or pass along old Austro-Hungarian roads and lead to viewpoints with a view of the Adriatic Sea and the Bay of Kotor. Don't miss the bike ride either. In the Visitor Center at Ivan's Koriti, you can get information about the most important natural and cultural values and trails that you must visit.

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Picturesque National Park - Lake Skadar

Just twenty minutes from Podgorica, there is an internationally significant wetland bird habitat, a unique wetland, a Ramsar site, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Europe, and the Skadar Lake National Park.

Enjoy the colorful landscapes of the water wealth, gradually discover its colors and smells while hiking, cycling, cruising and kayaking. We recommend a walk in the fishing villages and a visit to the Visitor Centers in Vranjina and Virpazar.

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Source: Mne Magazine



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