Montenegro mountains – meet the tall wildlands of our country

Montenegro is a small, mountainous state in south-west Balkans who shares its' borders with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and the beautiful Adriatic sea. Although being a small country, it is very diverse regarding the terrain configuration. Most of the Montenegrin kilometres are given to the high Montenegro mountains, mostly sit...

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Beautiful Montenegro - Ski center Kolašin 1600 March 2022.

Montenegro is becoming an internationally recognized destination for winter tourism. More than 80% of the country is covered with mountains and the right way to experience Montenegro is to get to know its mountains first. From this year, the largest ski center will be in Kolašin, after the merger of the ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450, wh...

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Katuns and a village holiday

Have you noticed that the need for nature and a simpler way of life is being woken up in people? Nothing has been tailored to the human spirit quite as much as the ordinary, wooden cabin in the mountains. Welcome to the village, welcome to the katuns! Katuns You can find katuns, modest settlements established so that cattle-herders can provide enou...

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Nothing Familiar: Budva to Sveti Stefan walking tour

Depending on what time of year you visit Budva Montenegro your experience will be drastically different. In October, we just missed the busy season. We heard that it turns into a wild party scene during the summer, and the beaches are packed shoulder to shoulder. Looking to escape the crowds? Most people make a visit to the island turned luxury res...

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Don't miss: Flamingos tours in the Ulcinj saltworks

Although it lost its original purpose in 2013, the Ulcinj saltworks was and remains special because of the birds that have always inhabited this area. Even before the exploitation of sea salt began, the birds found their peace right here. Few places in the world have as many different bird colonies as in this area.It is an interesting fact - over 3...

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Kolašin 1450: From this week a ski pass 10 euros

The price of ski pass in the Kolašin 1450 Ski Center from Monday, February 14, will be 10 euros, according to the Instagram page of this ski resort."We are pleased to invite you to take advantage of the promotional prices of Ski pass from Monday, February 14, until the end of the season. If you still haven't enjoyed the charms of our ski resort, no...

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What to see in Kotor

Kotor, Italian Cattaro, walled town, seaport, and resort at the south end of Kotor Bay, one of four bays of the Gulf of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), on the Adriatic coastline of Montenegro. The town, situated about 30 miles (50 km) south of Nikšić, lies at the foot of the sheer Lovćen massif, which rises to 5,738 feet (1,749 metres). Kotor was founded by...

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Explore the Tara Canyon

The Tara Canyon, 80 km long, is one of the deepest canyons in the world (1,300 m), right after Colorado, and is the deepest canyon in Europe. Steep, narrow, with sharp edges hundreds of meters deep, the canyon is rich in caves of various sizes and appearances, mysterious, deep and shallow, dark and bright. By its vividness and unrepeatable relief, ...

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Nature Park Piva

Nature Park "Piva" is located in the extreme northwest of Montenegro (between the state border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the border of the National Park "Durmitor") occupying a significant part of the municipality of Plužine (cadastral municipalities: Brijeg, Brljevo, Vojvodići, Vučevo, Jerinići, Mratinje, Recently, Nikovići, Miloševići, Stab...

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Photo Story of Sunset in Tivat

If there's one thing we've learned in 2020, it's to look forward to the little things. After the lockdown, it is as if we appreciate more staying in nature, walking by the sea, sunset… but also the most ordinary socializing, hugging and closeness. The Tourist Organization of Tivat reminds us how unrealistically beautiful the sunset in this city can...

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Nevidio Eco-village, First Eco-certified Accommodation in Northern Montenegro

  Nevidio eco-village is the first holder of sustainability certification and the EU's Ecolabel in northern Montenegro. This ecological certification is confirmation of the application of ecological standards relating to the environmental protection policy, rational use of water, preservation of air quality, energy efficiency, a proper deposit...

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