The most beautiful photos of Montenegro from the air


Montenegro is, without a doubt, one of the most photogenic countries in the world. It inspires with extraordinary diversion, untouched nature of five national parks and dramatic areas of bays, canyons and mountain peaks.

All this comes to the fore on aerial shots. Color contrast, beautiful and harsh, wild and tame, Mediterranean and continental. We often forget how wonderful, pure and full of life it is.

1. Trašte Bay, Tivat

Trašte Bay hides one of the most beautiful bays and sandy beaches on the Adriatic - Blue Horizons.

The name comes from the beautiful color of the sea, which is created thanks to the reflection of the dense pine forest and olive groves on the Luštica peninsula. The smell of conifers, the taste of salt and fine sand are what make this 350 m long beach a favorite in this part of the Adriatic.

2. Kotor kanice

The old road that leads from Kotor to Njeguši is cut into the steep, almost vertical, slopes of Lovcen. Serpentines line up one after the other. On each subsequent one, you can see a larger part of the Bay of Kotor, as well as the open sea.

And then the famous 24th serpentine (in Boka they would say kanica) and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Montenegro.

Along with the construction of the part of the road from Kotor to the intersection of Trojica, where the road bends in three corners and thus forms the letter M, a fictional romantic love story is connected. Allegedly, the young engineer Josip Slade-Šilović wanted to express his devotion and secret love for the Montenegrin princess Milena with this project.

3. Morača Monastery, Kolašin

Located on the bank of the Morača River, after which it got its name, the monastery dates back to 1252.

The place where it was built is a natural plain, so visitors enjoy a wonderful view of the Morača river canyon. Nearby is the Svetigora waterfall, which flows into Morač, and such natural beauty gives the monastery a special charm.

4. Lake Ursulavac, Bjelasica

At an altitude of 1,895m, it is one of the most inaccessible lakes in Montenegro. This is precisely why it is attractive to many nature lovers, and leaves the persistent and daring breathless.

The sandy coast and turquoise water are a real refreshment on hot summer days. It is cold and clear, 162 m long and 106 m wide. Its average depth is about 3 m, and it changes depending on the water level.

5. Church of St. Ilije, Gornji Stoliv

We are almost always delighted by the peaceful landscape of Boka. Church of St. Ilje follows the life of this sleepy settlement through the ages.

It is not known when it was built, but according to the inscription above the entrance, it was expanded in 1556, while the belfry was built in 1833. Three altar paintings by Josip Tominac are of special value.

A 100-year-old clock mechanism has been working in the belfry for a long time, and until recently it was manually wound daily by a local resident.

The authors of these photos are hiding behind the interesting Facebook page DroNegro. You will easily recognize them by their original work, and you will love them because of the love and pure emotion that is immediately felt.

"The growing up of a boy not far from the Tivat airport and the fight many times for a window seat on the plane produced what you see today. That window, apart from opening a view of the beautiful Boka, also gave birth to a wish, which after more than 20 years came true in the form of DroNegro" - said one of the authors for the Share Montenegro portal.

We were right, talent and love cannot be hidden, and DroNegro is joined by more and more people every day who want, each in their own way, to contribute to the promotion of our country.

"DroNegro is a site whose work is due to a large number of young people, who want to selflessly share their love for their country and its beauty with all the meridians of the world. This team of people is growing by the day and the messages and ideas seem to be reaching further and further. Everyone is welcome to help promote and preserve our beautiful Montenegro, and it will certainly return it to us many times over" - believes DroNegro.

Source: ShareMontenegro

Photos: DroNegro 


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