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Living as a Digital Nomad in Montenegro

The country is so compact that you can ski and spend time on the beach on the same day. Its cities, including the capital, Podgorica, offer cool bars and restaurants and the country has a great cafe culture.

Its friendly people and cheap food, drink, and accommodation options (compared to other destinations in Europe), make it a great hidden gem for digital nomads. 

Being a digital nomad in Montenegro is easier than you might think. You just need to carefully consider where to base yourself, as high-speed WiFi and coworking spaces are more often found in the towns and cities.

The more rural you get – and Montenegro gets very rural in places – the less likely you are to find these things. The good thing about being a digital nomad in Montenegro though, is that SIMs are incredibly cheap; meaning you can use these as hot spots if you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere for a few days.

Despite cafes being plentiful, they are often on the small side, and so aren't able to house a dozen freelancers drinking coffee all day. However, coworking spaces are available in major towns all along the coast and within the capital city. Encouragingly, the number of all-in-one coworking and coliving spaces, such as Playworking, is on the rise.

I'd describe Montenegro as having an up-and-coming digital nomad scene. Travelers and ex-pats are now realizing what a fantastic option Montenegro is for those who love the outdoors, show-stopping scenery, and year-round mild temperatures at affordable prices.

Accommodation Costs

A typical bunk bed in a hostel dorm will cost about €9-€10. This will increase to up to €20 if you want a private room. Hostels will most likely be found within coastal towns or larger cities and sometimes also offer guided tours or day trips. This is a great way to meet people and see the country through the eyes of a local.

A guest house (usually an annexed part of an existing Montenegrin family home), will start at around €15-€20 per night on Booking.com. Apartments with great views and plentiful amenities – especially on the coast – will start at €50 and could stretch to €100 per night 

SIM Cards and Data

You can find SIMs at news and tobacco kiosks dotted around towns and cities, at airports, or in the stores of network companies. I found a T-Mobile store in Podgorica where I brought a SIM for €15. This gave me all the data I needed (and more) for 30 days.''

Coworking Spaces in Montenegro and WiFi Speed

Here is a selection of some of the best coworking spaces in Montenegro for digital nomads. Coworker can help you find your nearest coworking location:

  1. Playworking offers accommodation in a large house just 15 minutes from both Kotor and Tivat. It has ample coworking space, private en-suite bedrooms, shared communal areas, and lots of outside space to enjoy. Single rooms start at €860 a month (April, May, and November), to €1320 a month (June, July, and August). For these prices, you get loads of other perks, including free yoga lessons, and the use of stand-up paddle boards and bikes.
  2. WorkHub is in the heart of Podgorica. Its services include private offices, private desks, coworking desks, meeting rooms, and virtual offices. You can enjoy happy hours and communal events, a lounge area, outside terrace, and it's also pet friendly. Hot desks cost €15 a day, €50 a week, or €150 a month.
  3. Hubrela is just a 10-minute walk from the beach in Budva. For €150 a month, €40 a week, or €10 a day, you can enjoy high-speed internet, air conditioning, conference rooms, and plenty of free coffee.
  4. Montenegro Tower in Bar is a new venture and the owners are always adding more amenities. As well as a coworking space with sunset and mountain views, there's a bar with games on site and soon-to-be-opened lodgings, a pool, and a gym. Prices start from just €8 a day, €40 a week, or €120 a month.
  5. Impact coworking space is in the heart of Herceg Novi's Old Town. Desks start from €15 and day and €100 a month. It's pet friendly and open 24/7 – just in case you are virtually working with people in different time zones.

As well as many other useful experiences

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