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 About our country, the prestigious portal writes that Montenegro is a stunning destination that enchants visitors with its warm-hearted people, natural beauty, tradition and tempting cuisine.

– Imagine ancient cities and towns reminiscent of Greece, combined with the serene peace and azure beaches of Croatia, and topped with the majestic, snow-capped peaks of Switzerland. Now combine all these elements in the lush Mediterranean climate and welcome to Montenegro - according to TasteAtlas.

On this website for Montenegro, they point out that we are a small country, and that our cuisine brings many flavors, namely Balkan, Ottoman and Mediterranean.

From seafood with garlic to strong, caloric mountain food, every part of Montenegro has its own peculiarities.
Thus in the northern regions of Montenegro, abundant mountain food comes first, designed to satisfy the appetites of hard-working farmers and farmers.
This means that the warmth of the famous kachamak pairs perfectly with tender lamb that is slow cooked to juicy perfection.

Taste Atlas recommends that while trying Montenegrin cuisine, you should never miss the cheese and prosciutto from the Njeguje region, which are the epitome of local craftsmanship.

- And finally, to complete your culinary journey, try your favorite traditional drink and an integral part of the country's cultural heritage - brandy - they state on this site.

First the Cicvara, then the Priganice
It is interesting that on the top list of the most popular Montenegrin dishes, Cicvara is in first place. Then, the priganice are followed, then the nettle soup, and Balšić's pan is in fourth place.

The fifth place was won by the sour cream kačamak, and there are also pasta pasta macaroons, porcini mushroom soup, boiled potatoes and Montenegrin pogača.

Pljevaljski cheese is among the best on the planet
Let's remind you that at the beginning of this year, TasteAtlas published a list of the best cheeses in the world, and Pljevaljski cheese came in 27th place, ahead of many well-known world cheeses: Italian mozzarella and Swiss Grier.
Italian parmesan, gorgonzola and burrata are in first place, as expected, and Pljeval cheese earned a rating of 4.6 on the prestigious website.
TasteAtlas wrote then that Pljevaljski cheese is a staple of many dishes in Montenegro.

This white cheese is traditionally produced from raw cow's milk, and the cheese is characterized by a strong taste and creamy texture.
Its unique aromas are the result of the ripening process that takes place in specially designed wooden barrels - the sliced cheese is salted, placed in wooden barrels, and then immersed in brine.

Pljeval cheese needs to age for 15 days before it is ready for consumption. It is so popular that the Days of Pljeval cheese event is held every year, where numerous producers from the Pljeval region present their cheeses.


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