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The catamaran HSC Antonija will sail on the Budva-Dubrovnik line, starting on June 29, with two trips a day.


The Ministry of Transport of Montenegro announced that this summer, Budva will be connected to Dubrovnik by sea, as a shipping line will be established, which will be operated by the company Kompas from Croatia.

"The planned start of sailing is for the 2024 season, the line will be maintained by the catamaran HSC Antonija, with a capacity of 240 passengers, owned by the company G&V Lines from Zadar, a long-term partner of Kompas Hrvatska", confirms the director of Kompas Montenegro d.o.o., Borislav Rabrenović, for Novski portal.

"The launch of the ship line between Dubrovnik and Budva is motivated by the desire to connect these two beautiful destinations on the Adriatic, and facilitate travel and tourist activities between them. We recognized the need for a direct connection between these two popular tourist destinations so that travelers could enjoy a unique experience of traveling by sea and exploring the beauty of the coast and the surrounding area. Also, we want to encourage the development of tourism and the promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of this area through sustainable and environmentally conscious ways of traveling, bearing in mind the constant crowds at the border crossings during the tourist season", concludes Rabrenović.

The executive director of the company "Kompas" Bojan Aljinović stated that according to rough calculations, the ticket will cost 55 euros in one direction, while the return day ticket will most likely cost 69 euros. 


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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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